Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Search is Over...

Maybe I tried ten…I mean flat, tall, black boots. It was hard looking for a pair because of my thicker than normal calves.

I have a pair of Banana Republic tall boots with 3 inch heels bought on sale for $99 back in 2006. It is gorgeous and I get tons of compliments... but at the end of the day, I am limping with foot pain. It does not have a platform, so be ready to just enjoy sitting. Then, I said to myself, forget about the added height, (I am 5’1"), I am rockin’ some flat tall black ones!

Objective: The Calves

I run four to five times a week, and I know, it does not help making my calves look leaner. Although, there is a way to achieve the leaner look by stretching the muscles (yoga or pilates) the problem is how to squeeze it into my already tight schedule of wife, mother and laboratory slave.

If I can’t modify my leg muscles, then for the meantime, let’s just find the boots!

The Search: The Online Stores is easy to navigate. Most of my shoes have been delivered from this website. The best things about this website are the variety of brands and great service. Under Zappos, I mostly look at Stuart Weitzman and Cole Haan because they offer wide width on several shoe styles (yes, also have wide feet).

You're probably thinking that my legs and feet are jacked up, it's not that bad, there are legs and feet worst than mine. The goal here is to find clothes and shoes that are comfortable (good luck with that!) and age appropriate (hey, I am only 26).

First, I ordered Stuart Weitzman Clute, then the Bruno Magli Caronte. Sent these back to Zappos. Like wow, I am going beyond $500 and I still could not find one that fits. How much do I really need to cough up to find the perfect pair?!

So far, no luck with Zappos. I went to J Crew, since I bought suede extended calf boots there last year (has heels, though). I ordered the Extended calf tall Britten boots. Oh yeah, I was able to zip it up, but it looked more like wellies and I was not a fan of the rubber sole. Too bulky.
And there were other flat,tall boots from Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Nothing fit.
I said to myself, two more pairs, and I am done! I ordered Burberry Biker boots (gosh, going more than $700 here). I was actually happy it did not fit due to the hefty price tag! One last pair... Burberry Prorsum Bridle Flat Check Boot ($795).

Hallelujah,it fits! The adjustments on the buckles are so generous, even if I contract elephantiasis, my legs would still fit. It is more military-styled, but not too overboard, I bet this pair will serve me for life.
"Shoes-like wives-should be both supportive and attractive at all times."